Bridges to Hope Food Aid Centre - St. john's, Newfoundland

In June 2018, we successfully raised over $7,300 for Bridges to Hope to launch their Smart Snack Program.

What is the Smart Snack Program?

The Smart Snack Program is a nonprofit initiative to provide children in need of food aid assistance with healthy essential food items that they would otherwise not have access to.



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Each Smart Snack kit holds 4-5 days worth of nutritious snacks that include protein, dairy, fruit and a homemade snack such as a bran muffin or energy bite.

Why is this program important?

Bridges to Hope provides food aid assistance to over 1000 clients per month. Over 200 of these clients are school aged children.

Without the Smart Snack Program, Bridges does not have the capacity to consistently give these children the healthy foods they require, and their parents often don't have the means to provide full nutritious meals and snacks on their own.

About Bridges to Hope

Bridges to Hope is St John’s largest food-aid centre. They serve over 1000 people a month, with a variety of programs and food assistance helping to alleviate the burden of poverty for at-risk members of the community.

‍Bridges' programming offers help to any and all who require their services. It's not a hand out - it's a hand up, helping Newfoundland families and individuals move forward in life. Their clients come from all over the Northeast Avalon as neighbors, co - workers, friends. Hunger is not always recognizable. That is why at Bridges to Hope, the motto is "Neighbours feeding Neighbours.

Bridges to Hope is committed to reducing the effects of poverty on individuals and families through education and access to wholesome, essential, nutritious food.

To learn more about Bridges to Hope and the Smart Snack Program, visit